28 minutes | May 22nd 2019


DESCRIPTION       In today’s episode you will hear how get clear on what kind of goals to set. You’ll also understand how to be inspired from within and how to now be distracted by outside demands or let it stop you from achieving your goals. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode: Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode: Find out how to set goals that matter without ever having to motivate yourself to follow through. Find out how to the keep components to to set and reach goals successfully. Learn how to take part of a community to help you stay on track and continue to make progress. So listen here to find out how Satori coaches the best and how you can have an opportunity to apply and talk directly to Satori about creating badass results in your life and business. How do we set goals we are compelled to move towards? How do we make sure we take consistent action toward our targets without needing outside motivation or reminders? How do we relentlessly keep hitting our targets and stay on track without distraction, with minimal friction and without being swayed by other people’s demands? Hey what’s up my friends, Satori Mateu here, welcome to a brand new episode of Halfass to Badass. This is part 3 of of our Dominate 2019 series which is about setting targets and know how to predictably hit your targets without hard work and the 24 hour hustle mentality… If you haven’t listened to part 1 and 2 of dominate 2019. Check out episode #14 and 15 as I believe it will give you a lot of clarity and aha’s. Sound good? My whole childhood was filled with memories of being broke, broke on multiple levels; broke struggling not having enough money, broke struggling to keep my family together (my parents divorced when I was five, always talking shit about each other, putting me in the middle and trying to get me on their side. Later in life they became close friends. My mom even sat at my dad’s bedside when he was in a coma dying in a hospital) I didn’t grow up with a model for success, but I knew there was more to life so I made a commitment to learn everything I could in the area of human development, business growth, health, relationships, productivity and so on. But as I started studying change work, success and how to create fulfillment and how to achieve meaningful things, I realized that there was a lot of mixed experiences with setting and reaching goals and outcomes. I noticed a lot of people setting goal and not achieving them, I also noticed the resistance to even setting goals to begin with. And I also paid attention to when I set goals that I achieved and when I didn’t and what was the difference? Why did follow through some and not others? Why do you follow through on some goals without any resistance while others feels like you can’t even get started? Let’s jump into the training, and get a sneak peak on what I believe are the critical components to succeeding long term. If you listen to this and you’re thinking, “Hey I want some more hands on training” and you want to learn more and be part of a community of badasses just like you, you can go to HalfasstoBadass.com and join the wait list because we have not officially opened the doors, yet, but by getting your name on there, you will be first to know when it’s live. Sound Exciting? Now, before we jump into the training… here’s the intro, let’s do it.
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