43 minutes | May 17th 2019


Ever wondered why you say you’re going to do something, “I really should do this” and still don’t do it? Why some things are a real struggle and you have to force yourself to get it done? Have you also noticed there are certain things nobody has to remind you or motivate you to do? This episode will give you the answer...   Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode: Find out what your REAL values that drive you everyday and own them. Find out how to remove the roadblocks that stops you from focusing on the right things, Learn how to take things that so easily can leave us feeling guilty because we’re not doing what everyone else wants or demand from us and turn it around. So listen here to find out how Satori coaches the best and how you can have an opportunity to apply and talk directly to Satori about creating badass results in your life and business. Boom! Hey what’s up my friends, welcome to a new BONUS episode of Halfass to Badass. In today’s episode you’ll hear me teach a very important section from a 4-hour training I did for a live audience on New Year’s Day 2019. It’s part two of this training so if you didn’t hear part one go back to episode 14 so you can get the big picture. Part two here is about removing the roadblocks that stops people from focusing on the right things, the things that so easily can leave us feeling guilty because we’re not doing what everyone else wants or demand from us. In this training I help you identify your core values. I use a series of questions I learned from my friend and mentor Dr.John Demartini. It’s a great set of questions to give you clarity. I have removed the live Q&A and coaching, I did a lot of hot seats with the participants but I want to protect their privacy so what you will hear is the training component. My suggestion is that you listen and  go through the training and actively do the work. You may want to stop and take notes after I ask the question. There are some natural pauses in this training. But this is a workshop so let’s get to it…. Before we do… here’s the intro Values are the things you've learned to make important. Values are also the voids in your life. In other words, the areas where you feel things are missing, something it's missing and you feel compelled, you feel driven to fill that void. If I go back to my personal story to you give you a little background, I was not supposed to be here, technically. You may have heard the story, my mom was going to do an abortion, when my grandma walks in and tells her to go home and not do it. Literally, she's on the abortion table. A decision from my grandma and, a decision for my mom changed the trajectory of everything. Right? I'm here, but throughout my life, my mom told me many times  that her life would've been so different, her life would’ve been so much better if she wouldn't have had me. Better education, better job, whatever. Right? I grew up thinking that I shouldn't be here, thinking and feeling guilt, shame, all kinds of things, which led me to minimize and hide and literally undervalue myself and walking on eggshells. I don't know if you know what I mean by that, but you know, walking on eggshells is like you're walking and you're being careful, right? You're trying to not piss people off. You're trying to not disappoint people try and not do things that's going to rock the boat. So I grew up that way in many ways. Even though I also have the other side, which was very unlike this, that inner part of me that was, that was growing stronger, which is like the part of me who wanted to be rebellious, right? A part of me just wanted to do the opposite. I didn't want to tippy-toe. I just wanted to be loud, right? I just wanted to do things to challenge people. I had this great epiphany where I literally saw this stuff. The void was the feeling of not being good enough. The void was this feeling of not feeling that I was worth enough. And that became part of my mission; to help other people own their worth, right? Which also has to do with owning my worth. So it's a void. It's something missing. We work really hard to fill that void, right? Freedom is extremely important to me. Something that I value highly. Freedom to be able to do what I want, when I want with whomever I want, and not having anybody telling me what I can and cannot do. And that's really strong in me because that's a void. There's a perception of something not being fulfilled. So we chase that void to fulfill our values. That's one way of looking at it. So for that point, I want you to think about your values, right? Because values is what you've learned to make important. Like I said, usually based on your voids, and things you believe to be important and that may be missing. So you work to fulfill on those voids. Sometimes that may come from someone telling you, “This is right, this is wrong”. And you learned that if I do what they want me to do, they'll be happy with me. Right? If I please them, they'll be happy with me. They will smile at me. They will tell me, “I love you. I love you son. I love your daughter.” You'll learn to value something because someone else values something. Someone that you respect, someone you admire. Okay? If you admire and, respect someone, you may adopt their values because you believe it will buy you love and attention, respect, safety, all kinds of stuff, right? Therefore, I want you to identify, what are your values? And sometimes, it's not so easy to identify them because we lived for so long with our own values, being dominated by other people's values. Once you remove the guilt and shame, you start realizing, “Oh, I like this. Oh, I want that”. And you start seeing things and experiencing things that you may have denied yourself a long time because you believe, “I can’t”. I can't behave this way because then people won't like me. Or at least they will, they won’t respect me or they may not want to spend time with me”. Right? Anything that's going to try to pull you away from your tribe. But if you believe, and if you think that your tribe, really cares about you, I will like rethink that a little bit because, and I'm not in a bad way. I'm saying they care and think about themselves just like you think and care about yourself. We all have our values, that people live according to their values. Don't ever think for a moment that people try intentionally to live into your values. People live into their own values. And some of them will meet somewhere, right? They’ll be able to coexist, which is great because that way you can contribute to each other. But people try to fulfill their own values, not yours. And that's sometimes, it’s like taking a cold shower, right? It really wakes you up when you start seeing that, and it's not a bad thing, right? It's not a good or a bad thing. It's just a way for you to realize that you're going to want to fulfill on your values, on your voids, on your desired targets. While others are going to try to fulfill on their desire, their voids, desire and targets, right? So just get connected to what that is for you. So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to ask you a few questions and I want you to go grab a pen and paper, quickly. Or write on your phone, or computer. Capture this. I'm going to ask you a few questions and I just want to do, to be as present and as as honest as you possibly can. Before we, get started with the questions, I want you to just stand up for a moment. Stand up wherever you are right now, stand up and shake your body. Shake your body out. And what I want to do for a moment, really quickly, and if you don't know how to do this, just trust yourself. Listen to your body and just go with it. So we’re here right now. We're going to stand up and you can stand right now like you feel complete certainty in your body. Complete certainty. Stand like when you're complete conviction in your body and you don’t question anything. Stand the way you stand, when you feel complete conviction, when you own your body breathing, the way you breathe, when you have complete conviction, when you feel unshakeable, when you're standing strong, breeding tall, and put the look on your face like when you have certainty, when you have conviction, when you feel guided. Stand they way you stand  when you know you are unshakable, where nothing can stop you. I want you to breathe the way you breathe, when you can feel it. I want you to stand that way right now. Breathe it and feel it. Put the look on your face when you have that and if you need to just put a smile on your face. Put a smile on your face like when you own it, when you know, when you have conviction, when you have certainty, when you have zero question in your body. Just own yourself right now. Own yourself at this very moment. And what I want you to do, and we just going to take a few seconds on each one. About 30 seconds in each one. Just so you get to yourself to think and just write them down, right? And this is not meant to be the only time you do this. I want you to go deeper with this stuff but for the sake of our training and you being able to do this. I just want you to go for it. Okay? So grab a pen and paper or your computer or your phone. And what I want you to do right now is to stand up or sit down with energy, and I want you to answer the question... How do you fill your space? And what I mean by that is the things that really matter to you, you don't hide, right? The things that matter to you, you keep around you, right? Like I have medals from when I became a world champion in karate from all of my years of competing, right? I have all these medals. I don't have them, in sight. I don't have them on my desk. They’re somewhere in some box, somewhere. Because they're not relevant. They don't really matter to me right now. The things that really matter to you, you have around you. Because if I lo
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