19 minutes | May 16th 2019


DESCRIPTION       In today’s episode you will hear how to dominate your life and business and not be dominated by it. You’ll also understand how to pick the right targets, the right goals and why so many of us struggle to achieve them. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode: Find out the what the people who win BIG today think and how they act differently. Find out how what you can ALWAYS do to get yourself out of the whirlwind of the day to day. And see how Satori reveals the secret to setting the right goals. So listen here to find out how Satori coaches the best and how you can have an opportunity to apply and talk directly to Satori about creating badass results in your life and business. INTRO… We have a problem that most people don't know they have and it's causing a lot of pain for business owners.It's causing pain for leaders for individuals for moms and dads in how they raise their children. Boom! Hey what’s up my friends, welcome to a new episode of Halfass to Badass. In today’s episode you will hear me in a training I did for a live audience on New Year’s Day 2019. It’s a training I’ve done every New Year’s Day for a few years now to get people to Dominate their life and business and take command right off the bat on the first day of the year. I know this is the day when most people have a hangover or they made a bunch of promises they know they won’t keep. And I want to change that. You may have heard me say that over 50% of Americans make new year’s resolution and already by the time we hit the end of February, only about 20% are still on track. And it just keeps going down after that. Not only did I do a four hour training (this is not going to be 4 hours) I also follow up and keep them accountable and focused every week for 90 days after that. And in this years training we had some amazing results. Some created changes they haven’t accomplished in years. Some may seem easy or small but for others they are huge. The key to understand is that whatever change you’re trying to make big or small it matters, especially, if you haven’t been able to follow through in the past, right? Think about it, most of the behaviors we don’t want we’re addicted to. We either don’t know how to stop them or we think we can’t.    We had a woman from Scandinavia, an amazing entrepreneur create a new morning routine, where she got up two hours earlier (which also meant a different evening routine. She used to go to be 2 or 3 in the morning and fall asleep in front of Netflix) and she dedicated that time in the morning for self care, and she also loves to sing. Much more fulfilling to her,  instead of starting the day with emails and social media, you agree? We had a Russian Entrepreneur that blocked off 4 hours of her work day, the first 4 hours in the morning to get her most important projects done before getting distracted by other people’s demands. She also during these time started publishing by going live on Facebook everyday and delivering her message. And that, was huge for her because that was really uncomfortable and nervous, but she did. Amazing accomplishment. Another business owner started making health a priority, drinking more water, taking daily 20 minute walks and committed to making 2 new business connections every week. These are just a few of the accomplishments off the top of my mind. Anyway, follow along, take some notes, and at the end of today episode I have a special surprise, so stay with me. Let’s cut to the training session, but before we do here’s the intro. --Script-- Okay, welcome to dominate. And this is about the roadmap to your business and your life, your income... Your whole life and your business is all integrated. So I'm not going to separate them. This is all part of your, of your journey, your life journey. This is really a systematic way of taking control of how you think, how you feel, how you behave so you can achieve really what you want and what really matters to you. And this is going to help you put you in charge of your dreams, put you in charge of your goals so you can dominate your life and not be dominated by it. I know you know the word domination, been used in many different ways, but I really, I really mean this in the purest sense. If you don't take control of your thoughts, if you don't take control of your  behaviors, your habits, then someone else is going to take control over them, right? You either dominating or being dominated, right? It's just a law of life. This training, this workshop is for you to make sure that you're not leaving your dreams, your thoughts, your feelings, right? The things you want for your life, “hoping” for it to happen, not something you can look back on and say, “It” didn't happen. All right. And it's also not about beating yourself up. We all have experiences of disappointment, right? Of goals and dreams that have not been met. We all have that. And most of the time it was not even your fault, really. It wasn't. I'll tell you why in just a moment. I want to start off by saying that because we live in the world that is moving so rapidly, right? Yet it may feel like you're standing still. Like you’re not moving toward what you want. Fast enough. That makes sense. Right? We live in this world, where we're, so many of us are overwhelmed, overworked, we're spread thin and we have a million plates spinning at all times, trying to make everything important. And as a result, nothing becomes important. Nothing gets the necessary focus and attention and therefore, momentum slows down or stops, right? And that's where we stop. We beat ourselves up with judge yourself and criticize yourself. We think we should be further along than we are and all these different things that complicate things. So today I want to demystify that and I want to clarify so that there's a way for you to set your intention and your focus on the right things and it's not the right things for me is what's right for you. So the people that are winning in today's marketplace, in today's world, they there are narrowing their focus, they're not going to wide. Everyone else is going wide, and they're lacking precision. So today will also be a small introduction to my precision based growth training. The people who are dominating, and crushing it today, have more of a sniper approach. It's very, very targeted. And everyone else who are, you know, losing battles, getting killed in the marketplace, are setting fantasy goals without a clear strategy for execution. Whether that's in your personal life or whether it's your in your professional life, it doesn't really matter. It's all the same, right? Because it still requires you, it requires your thinking, requires your feelings, requires your behaviors, right? The actions, if you're proactive or reactive. It all matters, right? So if you're caught in the whirlwind, right, of the day to day, you're going to be stuck there just like everyone else. And we need to be able to remove ourselves from that and take control and dominate our own thoughts, our own feelings and behaviors in order to change things. So that's why this really matters, right? Because we have a problem most people don't know about, and I think this is critical. We have a problem most people don't know they have and it's causing a lot of pain for business owners. It's causing pain for leaders for individuals for moms and dads in how they raise their children. The problem they don't know they have is that we've been indoctrinated and trained to adopt others' values rather than our own, right? We're trying to pursue others dreams, believing that they are the right dreams, the right values. And it's kind of a “good girl”, “good boy” syndrome that is dominating our thoughts and feelings and our behaviors and therefore, our results are going to be impacted, or the lack of results are going to be impacted. Right. We've been chasing a social conditioning, a fantasy and you can see it on social media all the time, right? I was having a conversation with a guy the other day, right? We're looking at social media and we see these pictures of these, you know, beautiful homes, beautiful cars, beautiful bodies. These are like moments, snapshots. And we believe this is the life that this person lives. And we don't understand that they have turmoil, they have disappointments, upsets and all these other things. So they put this person or this, you know, this guru on a pedestal, thinking they are a certain way and that they don't have the other side. And if you believe that, this is the time to demystify it because it's not true. We have all areas of life, right? And so we need to start getting clear on that. Even though you know that intellectually you can stop and think about that because you may have been chasing the wrong target. You may have been chasing the wrong goals. And when I say the wrong goals, I'm not saying that they're wrong because in of themselves, they may be wrong for you. And if they're wrong for you, they're wrong, right? If you've been chasing it because other people want you to chase them because your mom, your dad, you know, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your cat, your dog wanted you to achieve those goals, you're chasing the wrong target. Okay? So this is not about beating yourself up. I want to clarify this. So going back to what I told you in the beginning here about why it's not even your fault is because of this. Because if you have set targets, goals, ideals, right? Social idealism that you have chased. And if you're chasing those because someone told you you should or because you've been so indoctrinated, so hypnotized to believe, to value that thing and you're not achieving it, it's not because you can't it’s because it really doesn't matter to you. You just believed it mattered. But you were chasing a lie. And that may sound kind of harsh to say,
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