28 minutes | Feb 20th 2019

Ep. 42: Hair Consulting & Hair University Courses

Show Summary:

How Hair University courses and private consulting can take your business to the next level. Your hosts Mikey Moran and Zakiyrah Ficklin teach you how to use their resources for success. Learn about WordPress, Shopify and other platforms that may benefit your business.

Show Notes:
  • Overview of Hair University and how to use it to succeed in your business.
  • You can actually call Shopify if you need support, unlike other platforms.
  • How Advanced Marketing Courses will teach you everything that you need for your hair business.
  • The Canva courses and Instagram courses in Hair University are catered entirely toward the hair industry.
  • The success of the clients is the most important thing.
  • In 2019 the goal of PLE is client success rates and pumping out valuable content.
  • Creating an action plan is the most important there.
  • Until you max out the free tools, don’t spend the money on consulting.
  • You don’t need to focus on the first sale, you need to focus on traffic.
  • In the Advanced Marketing courses, you’ll learn how to convert traffic.
  • You have to really know Facebook ads to get them to work.
  • When you actually pay for something you take things more seriously.
3 Key Points:
  1. You have to choose a website platform that allows you to scale.
  2. There’s endless information out there, you just have to spend the time to consume it.
  3. You have to create an action plan.
Tweetable Quotes:
  • “It takes a few years to really get your website successful.” -Mikey
  • “Creating success stories in the industry is more important to me than making quick money.” -Mikey
  • “It’s in the interest of social media platforms to show you more ads.” -Mikey
  • “As a business owner, you have to fight even harder to get in front of the right people.” -Mikey
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