56 minutes | Nov 27, 2020

The Making of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners | Skydance Interactive Podcast

In this special episode of the Hacker Noon podcast, Limarc talks to Mark Domowicz and Todd Adamson from Skydance Interactive, the acclaimed developer of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, one of the best virtual reality games on the market today.    Skydance Interactive is a relatively new company, powered by seasoned veterans in the gaming industry. Mark and Todd bring years of experience to the table, having worked for Pandemic Studios and Treyarch respectively.    Limarc talks to Mark and Todd about the making of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, the ethics and morals behind violent video games in VR, as well as the challenges they had to face throughout the development of the game and porting the game to the Oculus Quest.   READ MORE ON HACKERNOON.COM:  https://hackernoon.com/tagged/gaming https://hackernoon.com/tagged/virtual-reality https://hackernoon.com/tagged/vr   FOLLOW SKYDANCE INTERACTIVE: http://skydance.com/interactive/ https://twitter.com/skydanceint https://www.linkedin.com/company/skydance-interactive/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC46qwhk1MvnGkFNWWk7SXyg
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