40 minutes | May 5, 2021

The Implications of Serverless CMS

Amy Tom talks to Pavel Desjnuk, Co-founder and CTO of Webiny, and Richard Kubina, Full-Stack Developer Extrodinaire at Hacker Noon, about the implications of serverless CMS. They discuss serverless migration, whether to go serverless or stay on-prem, and the security implications of serverless CMS. Should you trust serverless systems? Can you easily migrate to a serverless system? Find out on this episode of the Hacker Noon podcast. In this episode, Amy talks to Pavel Desjnuk and Richard Kubina about: What does serverless CMS really mean? (06:30) Would Richard implement a serverless CMS? (12:20) The security implications of serverless systems (14:30) Serverless systems for small businesses (18:50) When Coca-Cola moved to a serverless system and saved 60% of their bill (21:45) How to establish a connection between your Headless CMS and a page builder (30:40) Whether your API gets bombarded with queries with serverless CMS (36:00) Follow Pavel Desjnuk*:* Follow Pavel on Twitter @paveldesinjuk Learn more about Webiny at webiny.com Read more on Hacker Noon: Read Richard's stories on Hacker Noon Shownotes: Join the Webiny Slack community
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