29 minutes | May 12, 2021

How To Get Your Token Listed On A Crypto Exchange

Amy Tom talks to Yevheniia Shmelkova, the Token Specialist at Mysterium Network about crypto exchanges. Yevheniia explains some of the strategic decisions behind choosing which crypto exchange to get listed on including assessing your overall goal, understanding your community, and more. Why would I list my project on a crypto exchange? When is the best time to list my project? Find out on this episode of the Hacker Noon Podcast. In this episode, Amy and Yevheniia discuss: Amy confesses her fears of crypto and Yevheniia eases Amy's concerns about being a first-time investor (02:50) At what point should you get your project listed? What happens after the project gets listed? (06:03) How to choose which crypto exchange to get listed on (09:09) Does it make sense to list on multiple exchanges? Yevheniia says, "it depends" (11:36) The difference between centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges (12:43) The best listing strategy when it comes to crypto exchanges (14:26) The popular exchanges to get listed on. Does Amy really need to ask? Yes... yes, she does (16:25) Yevheniia's advice for companies/people who are listing a token for the first time (18:52) Mysterium's token, Myst, which is how Mysterium users pay for their VPN (21:36) How can "crypto babies" like Amy learn more about tokenization? (24:02) Follow Yevheniia & Mysterium Network: You can connect with Yevheniia on LinkedIn You can visit Mysterium Network's Website at mysterium.network
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