38 minutes | Apr 13, 2021

Document Databases vs Relational Databases

Javascript developers rejoice! Amy Tom talks to Eric Bishard and Arun Vijayaraghavan about the differences between a Document Database and a Relational Database. Eric and Arun explain JSON Document Databases and also discuss NodeJS SDKs, ODMs vs ORMs, and more. Eric is the Developer Advocate and Arun is a Product Manager; both work at Couchbase. In this episode, Amy chats to Eric and Arun about: The differences between a Document Database and a Relational Database (06:56) The differences between an ODM and an ORM (18:45) Learning Nickel Querying through Ottoman ODM (26:58) Follow Arun Vijayaraghavan and Eric Bishard: Follow Arun Vijayaraghavan on GitHub Connect with Arun Vijayaraghavan on LinkedIn Follow Eric Bishard on Twitter Follow Eric Bishard on GitHub Follow Eric Bishard on Dev.to Read more on Hacker Noon: Eric Bishard's Introduction to Ottoman on Hacker Noon Shownotes: Developer.couchbase.com A JSON Data Modeling Guide Ottoman Documentation
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