23 minutes | Oct 28, 2020

Catching up with NIS America | How COVID has Changed the Gaming Industry

In this podcast, Limarc talks to Erin Kim from NIS America, the respected developers of the Disgaea and Prinny series. They are also the publisher of many of the most popular Japanese role-playing games that have been ported to English speaking countries, including Trails of Cold Steel, The Ys Series, and Danganronpa.    Limarc and Erin talk about NIS America’s upcoming game releases, as well as how the company has adjusted to the changes in the gaming industry brought on by COVID-19.    READ MORE ON HACKERNOON.COM:  https://hackernoon.com/tagged/gaming https://hackernoon.com/tagged/video-games   FOLLOW NIS AMERICA: https://nisamerica.com/ https://www.facebook.com/NISAmericaInc/ https://twitter.com/NISAmerica https://www.linkedin.com/company/nis-group/
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