35 minutes | Apr 28, 2021

Big Dictator Energy

What happens when big corp shuts down conversation? What is Russia's deal with Sputnik exports? Crypto in Africa — equalizing force, or daydream? Join Linh, Natasha, Amy and Limarc for This Week on Planet Internet: Is there such a thing as a no politics culture? (1:40) Amy Tom goes real deep, real early #sorrynotsorry (3:22) "Pleasant" for whom, Basecamp? PLEASANT 👏 FOR 👏 WHOM 👏 (07:54) Naturally Limarc Ambalina's gon' be playing devil's advocate (09:40) Key Takeaway: if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, get a mediator (12:24) Why is Russia exporting so much Sputnik? (14:55) Limarc kind of maybe sympathizes with a Russian Dictator's decision to let his people die (16:40) Africa: the continent of milk and honey for startups and cryptos? (21:10) Necessity is the mother of all invention... (29:32) No gods no masters — down with regulation! (32:56) Read the stories mentioned in this podcast: Is there such a thing as a “no politics” culture? Letters from Basecamp Founder and Coinbase Founder (medium link ugh): https://world.hey.com/jason/changes-at-basecamp-7f32afc5 and https://blog.coinbase.com/coinbase-is-a-mission-focused-company-af882df8804?gi=d00265f16919 Russia, vaccine, science, space war, and more: from The daily aka Linh's main source of podcast lol: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/26/podcasts/the-daily/russia-vaccine-coronavirus-vladimir-putin.html Africa startups news on Hacker Noon! Question: out of the 69 billion raised for startups reported by Pitchbook in Q1 of 2021, how many are based or partially based in Africa? Prob not much. Crypto in Africa News on Hacker Noon. Equalizing force or a daydream? https://hackernoon.com/more-africans-walk-towards-financial-freedom-due-to-cryptocurrencies-552z33xu READ HACKERNOON.COM 🤖
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