69 minutes | Jul 14th 2020

How to attend any college for free, with Shirag Shemmassian, PhD

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#39: Everyone knows the cost of college is cray. 😖

It can create serious retirement speed bumps for parents…

…and it only gets worse with every passing year. 📈

But for students and parents who are super on top of their 💩, there is a real path – through scholarships and fellowships – to make the cost of college (and grad school) FREE.

Not only that, if you’re really good and write superb applications, you can even get PAID to attend.

They say, “There’s tons of free money out there for college; you just have to know where to look.”

Well, so…where’s all that free money? And how can you get it?

This week, I talk in-depth with Shirag Shemmassian, PhD, about the exact tips and tactics you need to win scholarships hand over fist, so that you can attend college and grad school for free…or even get paid to attend.

Shirag is a university admissions expert and founder of Shemmassian Academic Consulting, where he has helped students win admission to every elite college in the country.

As someone who himself won over $200k in scholarships, Shirag’s insights are pure gold, so for you neurotic parents out there, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

What you’ll learn:

  • The biggest myths and misconceptions when it comes to winning scholarships
  • The 4 key places to find scholarships and the pros and cons of each
  • How to write a superb scholarship application (and do it super efficiently again and again)
  • How to ask for standout recommendation letters
  • How the game up-levels (and differs) for the most prestigious and competitive scholarships in the world (Coca-Cola, Gates, Goldwater, Rhodes, Marshall, Soros, Fulbright, Truman)
  • How to prepare for interviews with these scholarship selection committees

What tips / advice resonate most? If you’re a parent of a successful scholarship student, what other tips did you find effective for winning scholarships? Let me know by leaving a comment when you’re done.

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