40 minutes | Jul 21st 2020

How an unhappy lawyer retired at 33 to travel the world…and why she’s no longer doing it, with Anita Dhake

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#40: Early retirement may seem glamorous when you’re dreaming about it….

Sleeping in every day. Going jogging mid-day. Picnicking on a random Tuesday. Flying off to vacation on a moment’s notice. Wandering abroad for months at a time.

But once early retirement is actually your life, it’ll feel different. You have to be intentional about it to make sure it lives up to your expectations.

This week, I invited Anita Dhake – a lawyer turned early retiree who’s retirement plan has shifted over time – to share her story about retiring from the law at 33 to travel the world, what she’s learned along the way, and why she no longer travels full-time.

We discuss:

  • Why she walked away from a high-powered law firm career after graduating from an elite law school
  • What motivated her to retire early, and how she came up with her FIRE number
  • How she tackled student debt at the same time
  • How much she had in the bank on the day she FIRE’d…and how much she has now
  • How retiring early actually made health insurance easier
  • How many countries she’s traveled to since retiring, and why long-term travel is so difficult compared to vacation travel
  • Why she ultimately stopped long-term traveling and what she’s doing now instead

Did anything in Anita’s story surprise you? Do you agree with her view on long-term travel? Would you do anything differently? Let me know by leaving a comment when you’re done.

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