52 minutes | Sep 17, 2021

Ep 3: The Power of Movement w. Yoga & Body Master Jayne Gottlieb

In this episode we will explore the power of MOVEMENT - we discuss how 'motion changes emotion' .... How we move through life / making art with your life - how you walk, talk, breathe, move, play, dance, pray - all contribute to what you attract and therefore to your happiness. Movement, moving stuck energy, feeling sensation in the body for so many can be like learning a whole new language, and yet being in relationship with your body is one of the key factors in how we communicate and ultimately a core component to being happy. And understanding what you are transmitting through your body and the way you move and then aligning it to be what you want, versus what you unconsciously transmit is a huge part of knowing thyself and understanding our power which all contribute to our ability to be happy in the world. Jayne Gottlieb, Yoga, Dance, and Body Master will teach us how it is nearly impossible to be happy when you do not feel alive, free and good in your body. We will discuss how scientifically - when you're moving you're actually bringing breath and life force into your body and moving out the dead, stuck, stagnant so as to create an internal environment of ease, versus dis-ease. Motion is required to move the heaviness, past trauma, and congestion out. We are the only species that doesn't shake off - animals shake things off immediately and then go on into the present and carry on. The shake is movement, moving energy so they can move forward with ease and light. Jayne is a change maker and a FORCE of nature. Listen to catch her contagious energy and learn how the daily habit of MOVEMENT can change the entire trajectory of your life. You don't want to miss this one!
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