17 minutes | May 3, 2021

The Subconscious Mind

“Everything is hard before it is easy." ~Goethe Why do humans possess a subconscious mind? In season two, we covered the subconscious mind relative to the "Super-Conscious". In today's episode, we wonder why the subconscious mind exists. As science is about studying "things" that can be measured and observed, some scientists may even argue the subconscious mind or even the "mind" itself, does not exist. MG speculates otherwise and reiterates the important distinction between the mind and the brain, an idea covered in The Habit Factor® (book). Unlike animals born with "instincts", humans are endowed with the capacity to program their subconscious with new habits and skills. Not unlike a computer programmer, we can write a script (with  intention and practice) that automates a behavior or skill over time. The process to program the subconscious with a new habit or skill—is by following P.A.R.R. (Plan, Act, Record & Reassess). As humans develop new skills and habits the behaviors ascend through the various levels of competence (Wikipedia) and, over time become more habit-like. No other animal in the world can intentionally learn and align new skills and habits to their goals and ideals. Enjoy the episode! How much do you really know about habits and goals? Check out the Habits & Goals Mastery course, NOW ON-DEMAND! Visit: https://thehabitfactor.com/challenge **** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel free to share the episode and leave a review on iTunes!  Recommended in this episode-->> Grab your FREE copy of As a Man Thinketh (PDF) right here: As a Man Thinketh ***** Subscribe iTunes here! Subscribe: Android | RSS ***** TOOLS/BOOKS WE RECOMMEND: Bucket List PRO (iOS app) iTunes Grab your FREE copy of As a Man Thinketh (PDF) right here: As a Man Thinketh The 3 C's of SucCcess (Mitch W. Steel) The Psychology of Achievement (Brian Tracy) The Power of Positive Thinking (Norman Vincent Peale) The Magic of Thinking BIG! (David Schwartz) Think & Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) The Success Principles (Jack Canfield) Getting Things Done! (Allen's Great Book!) TRELLO! **HABIT FACTOR RESOURCES!!** The New HabitXP Planner! (FREE! The Habit Factor's Tracking Template) The Habit Factor® (website: BLOG, tips, tools, and other resources) The Habit Factor® Book (Amazon Kindle) The Pressure Paradox® Book (Amazon Kindle) The Habit Factor app (iOS, Android) The Pressure Paradox™ **WEBINARS** Get Unstuck Course  Habit Mastery: (FREE) Learn the process to Master Habit, Enhance Discipline and Strengthen Willpower: The 28 Day Breakthrough!
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