18 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

Balance Good

“Balance is key. Balance good, karate good. Everything good. Balance bad; better pack up, go home.” ~Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid) Today’s Mind Bullet explores the monster concept of BALANCE. Balance may be one of the most misunderstood life principles, yet it is a master key to an effective life. Thus, Mr. Miyagi nailed it when he said, "Balance bad; better pack up and go home. Understand?" The first core principle is that balance is NOT something you should ignore, and it isn't a MYTH, as many "gurus" proclaim. Balance is a very real and inescapable concept and principle essential to understand for one's general wellness. The first core idea is that balance is less about a moment in time and much more about a process—it's about adjustments. Thus, the feeling at any one moment in time that you are off-balance is actually a positive signal, guiding you to make adjustments. Einstein put it brilliantly when he said, "Balance is like riding a bicycle; in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving." Consider the tightrope walker: At any moment in time, she appears OFF balance, yet she arrives at the end of the rope because of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tiny adjustments along the way. Enjoy the episode! How are you going to improve your results in 2021? NOW ON-DEMAND! Visit: https://thehabitfactor.com/challenge *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel free to share the episode and leave a review on iTunes!  Recommended in this episode-->> Grab your FREE copy of As a Man Thinketh (PDF) right here: As a Man Thinketh ***** Subscribe iTunes here! Subscribe: Android | RSS ***** TOOLS/BOOKS WE RECOMMEND: Bucket List PRO (iOS app) iTunes Grab your FREE copy of As a Man Thinketh (PDF) right here: As a Man Thinketh The 3 C's of SucCcess (Mitch W. Steel) The Psychology of Achievement (Brian Tracy) The Power of Positive Thinking (Norman Vincent Peale) The Magic of Thinking BIG! (David Schwartz) Think & Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) The Success Principles (Jack Canfield) Getting Things Done! (Allen's Great Book!) TRELLO! **HABIT FACTOR RESOURCES!!** The New HabitXP Planner! (FREE! The Habit Factor's Tracking Template) The Habit Factor® (website: BLOG, tips, tools, and other resources) The Habit Factor® Book (Amazon Kindle) The Pressure Paradox® Book (Amazon Kindle) The Habit Factor app (iOS, Android) The Pressure Paradox™ **WEBINARS** Get Unstuck Course  Habit Mastery: (FREE) Learn the process to Master Habit, Enhance Discipline and Strengthen Willpower: The 28 Day Breakthrough!
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