45 minutes | Apr 6th 2019

Haas Team Podcast, Episode 004 - Bahrain Grand Prix Analysis

The 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix  ended up being a nightmare of a day for Haas F1 Team. After brilliant qualifying we had nothing but high hopes - but after just first five laps, all of our dreams for double points, or even points in general were quickly dashed. Romain Grosjean was quickly knocked out of contention in just the second turn, and again by no fault of his own he had another DNF… RG8 is the Bad Luck Brian of Formula 1, and it isn't even close. 

Kevin Magnussen was able to avoid any major issues on the first handful of laps, but as soon as DRS was enabled, he started being lapped like it was driving a boat on the track. His struggles continued throughout the day, where he was passed a total of 17 times throughout the race - a truly remarkable number for someone who qualified and started P6. After the race, the team was at a complete and utter loss about why the car was so slow.

Why was the pace so slow? Was it the car? Was it the track? Was it the conditions? Or was it the driver? Tune in to find out. 

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