88 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

Conference Championship of Upsets

WATCH Club Gym Nerd members can watch the podcast being recorded and see video clips of the gymnastics while we discuss.Please login to your Club Gym Nerd account to listen and/or watch this episode. Not a member? Join here. THIS WEEK USAG announced the 18-member US women's national team. We discuss why Konnor McClain and Skye Blakely aren't on it and whether it matters. The NCAA conference championships had UPSETTTS. Denver beat Oklahoma after Oklahoma's apocalyptic floor rotation and hilarious OOB moment, Alabama beat LSU and Florida (what?), and Minnesota beat Michigan. It was a lot, and we have thoughts. The regionals draw is out and Spencer has numerous logical complaints with how stupid it is. But it's going to be exciting. Plus, gymternet news updates on the dumpster fire, Tokyo Olympics, Gymnova, Vanessa Ferrari, and Pan Ams, and feedback on exhibition routines and Lexy Ramler. THE POSTS Top Scores of Conference Championships March 23, 2021 2021 Regionals Draw March 22, 2021 Conference Championships Live Blog – March 20, 2021 March 20, 2021 Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 10 March 17, 2021 Top Scores of Week 10 March 16, 2021 JOIN CLUB GYM NERD Join Club Gym Nerd or buy a gift membership for access to Behind the Scenes episodes. Behind The Scenes: Post-Winter Cup Syndrome Behind The Scenes: Live Hot Take Senior WAG Winter Cup Behind The Scenes: Live Hot Take Junior WAG Winter Cup Behind The Scenes: Pan Am Games Behind The Scenes: Distracting Hair Buy our awesome clothing and gifts here. We have masks too! RELATED EPISODES Anna Pavlova: History and Heartbreak (Commissioned) Gymnastics International 5: 2021 Russian Championships Would You Say That to a Russian's Face?: Winter Cup Review Winter Cup Preview: NOW with Women Beam Celery Gym Nerd School 102: College Gymnastics Kyla 'The Boss' Ross Interview The Gympocalypse THE FLIGHT SERIES  
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