18 minutes | May 11, 2021

The Subject Librarian

Suzi is not just any librarian.....she is a Subject Librarian. That means she specialises in one topic, working in a university library focussed on art. She and Gwen have a lovely chat about books, libraries and what Suzi gets up to on a normal day in the library.Every week in the Gwen Gets To Work podcast, Gwen finds out about what a different adults does all day at work. Visit our website for past episodes and videos: https://gwengetstowork.com/Help us out! Gwen is fundraising for some better equipment so that she can get out and about and interview adults like Elaine at their places of work, once it is safe to do so. Here is her Go Fund Me link.An Enigma Records Production: https://enigmarecords.co.uk/Gwen Gets To Work uses Buzzprout and we think it is a really user-friendly platform for new and seasoned podcasters. Use Buzzsprout to launch your podcast!Support the show (https://www.gofundme.com/f/gwen-gets-to-work/)
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