27 minutes | Nov 12, 2020

How To Encourage Children To Eat Vegetables - Inspiring & Fun; encouraging healthy little eaters!

Kate found herself healing her own health problems by adopting healthy eating and lifestyle changes then when her became a parent she was motivated to teach her kids well from the beginning so they would never have the health issues she had. She wanted her children to have fun eating well, and even more than that, she wanted her children to associate eating fruits and vegetables with growing strong physically and mentally.This interview is packed full of tips, ideas and games for making it fun for children to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Listen in for play based learning ideas that you can do right away and for more information about her card game and puzzle.To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit www.storednaturally.com/GutsyMattersPodcast. Find us on FB https://www.facebook.com/storednaturally/ and on IG @storednaturally
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