35 minutes | Aug 30, 2020

Drop into the green cleaning revolution - free from single-use plastics!

Just like food contact plastic, where no-one really knows if the petroleum derived chemicals in the plastic are safe or not, cleaning chemicals in conventional cleaning products are exactly the same - petroleum derived and unknown!You may have even found that it's been easier to switch to clean personal care products than it has been to find an effective green all purpose cleaner that's made in Australia with natural ingredients!According to inhabitat.com there are over 17,000 petrochemicals available for home use, only 30 percent of which have been tested for their effects on human health and on the environment.We all need a clean place to live and work but none of us need to be poisoned by the fumes or residues of the harmful chemicals in the process! And, what about the environment impact? There's all the toxic chemicals we don't understand and all those plastic spray bottles that we only use once then replace instead of refill.It's time to clean with environmentally friendly green cleaning products, it's time for a safer choice. It's time for an Australian green cleaning product range.So, regardless of whether you call it green cleaning, healthy cleaning, natural cleaning or environmentally friendly cleaning - who is making the gutsy moves?Pleasant State are. They've got our wellbeing in mind.They are a start up business on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia who are currently crowd funding their green cleaning 'just add water products' and their custom made glass and silicon reusable spray bottles.They have three green cleaning products: an all purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner and a bathroom cleaner. Their 'just add water' green cleaning products are all environmentally friendly and all made in Australia. Now it's simple for us to replace the toxic conventional cleaning products with green cleaning products.Pleasant State are making green cleaning our new normal.Imagine no longer worrying about the health effects of conventional cleaning products with an unknown cocktail of petroleum based toxic chemical ingredients that you've been using out of habit, but secretly wondering if they are really safe for your wellbeing (the smell, really makes you wonder doesn't it?).Imagine using the reusable glass silicone spray bottle from Pleasant State that you fill with warm water, drop in the 'just add water' all purpose cleaner bar, let it fizz and there you have it - safe all purpose cleaning solution that replaces your conventional products and suddenly you've become a sustainable cleaner!!!Imagine knowing that your cleaning products don't contain any hazardous chemicals, what a relief! No air pollution either or skin absorption of dangerous chemicals. Just the fresh, reassuring, natural smell of Lemon Myrtle.The green clean change is here. Sustainable cleaning with natural cleaning products will replace toxic conventional products and reduce single use plastics.We have loved meeting and interviewing the team at Pleasant State especially because they are just as passionate as we are about reducing single use plastics. You'll love hearing their story on the Gutsy Matters Podcast. Not only are they planning to win against the single use plastic challenge with their green cleaning products they're also wanting to prove their fully employee owned business model is a fairer and more ethical way to do business.Hear how two people are putting all their determination, persistence and drive behind their big ethics, morals and goals. Let's make the green clean change a permanent one.To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit www.storednaturally.com/GutsyMattersPodcast. Find us on FB https://www.facebook.com/storednaturally/ and on IG @storednaturally
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