38 minutes | May 25, 2020

Bring us your Excess - avoiding Food Waste with Nims Zavackas

In this episode we have the pleasure of chatting with Brisbane based chef, Nims (Naomi) Zavackas. Nims was born and raised in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea by parents who loved the land. The seeds of loving fresh produce were planted there and from a very young age she participated in the gathering of their gardens seasonal harvest. She saw, through the preparations of every humble thing they ate and shared, that food was the purest road to happiness. Her professional aspirations have their roots in that inherited ethos.Nims and her husband have owned a number of cafes in Sydney, Townsville and Brisbane and, up until the end of March 2020, owned The Jam Pantry café in Greenslopes, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, which she described as a fun, produce driven café where funky preserves are the focus.Nims is a big believer in No Waste and is behind the exciting ‘Bring us Your Excess’ campaign. Her campaign works with farmers, food producers and the local community, turning excess neighbourhood backyard harvest into yield instead of waste.In this podcast Nims gives us insights into the catalyst behind the campaign and the app she is currently developing. She expresses her views on why there is so much food waste generated from our homes and how we can change our habits to start to reduce this through loving our food and being creative. Learn some great hints and tips from the effervescent Nims as you listen to her great interview.To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit www.storednaturally.com/GutsyMattersPodcast. Find us on FB https://www.facebook.com/storednaturally/ and on IG @storednaturally
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