42 minutes | Dec 4, 2019

Justin Brandler, MD: You Did Not Match

In this Match Day episode, I speak with Justin Brandler, MD, first-year gastroenterology fellow at University of Michigan, about failure, the GI match and cultural shifts in the fellowship process.    Intro :10 Good luck and congrats to everyone :32 The history of Match Day :43 The match process today 5:55 A hidden curriculum to fellowship interviewing 8:37 Tell us about your Match Day experience 11:45 What happened after you found out you didn’t match? 14:11 Where did you direct the blame? 16:58 Why do you think it happened? 18:24 For some reason it’s not OK to be honest 19:30 There’s a strategy for interviewing 22:00 Can you talk about the mental toll this takes on us as physicians? 25:41 What type of failure are you writing about when you talk about our patients’ failures? 30:33 It’s difficult to discuss failure 36:30 What advice do you have for applicants who didn’t match or aren’t happy? 38:28 Thanks for listening 41:43 Justin Brandler, MD, is a first-year GI fellow at University of Michigan. We’d love to hear from you! Send your comments/questions to guttalkpodcast@healio.com. Follow us on Twitter @HealioGastro @sameerkberry
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