83 minutes | Oct 19, 2020

Dr. Barry Marshall: Curiosity and Persistence in the Discovery of H. pylori

In this podcast episode, we interview Barry Marshall, AC, FRACP, FRS, FAA, the legendary Nobel Laureate who discovered that peptic ulcer disease was caused by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, not excess acid. Marshall fought for years against the notion that ulcers were caused by acid and finally infected himself with the bacteria and underwent endoscopy to prove his point. His research has saved countless lives, as untreated ulcer disease can lead to gastric cancer. We discuss numerous facets of his life and his pioneering work. Before antimicrobial therapy against Helicobacter, patients suffered for years without the right therapy.  Intro :35 About Dr. Marshall :37 The interview 3:30 Tell us about your upbringing. What was your childhood like? 3:38 How did you meet Robin Warren? 6:35 What was your ah-ha moment that made you want to follow it through? 13:11 Were you met with skepticism? 41:13 How did you interact with the naysayers at the time? 51:46 What drove you to infect yourself with H. pylori? 1:01:28 What was it like to win the Nobel prize? 1:10:14 What advice do you have for young faculty members or GI fellows embarking on an investigative career? 1:18:18 Thank you, Dr. Marshall 1:22:30 Barry Marshall, AC, FRACP, FRS, FAA, is an Australian physician, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, and professor of clinical microbiology at the University of Western Australia. We’d love to hear from you! Send your comments/questions to guttalkpodcast@healio.com. Follow us on Twitter @HealioGastro @sameerkberry @umfoodoc Disclosures: Berry and Chey report no relevant financial disclosures. Healio was unable to confirm relevant financial disclosures for Marshall at the time of publication.
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