54 minutes | Dec 22, 2020

Douglas Drossman, MD: The Rome Criteria and What’s Next for Rome V

In this episode, Douglas A. Drossman, MD, joins us to discuss his path into medicine, the history and influence of brain-gut interactions and what gastroenterologists can expect for Rome V criteria. Intro :22 Drossman’s experiences growing up in New York :33 Drossman’s experience performing in a rock and roll band 1:20 How did Drossman migrate from playing in a rock band to going to medical school and choosing a career in functional GI disorders? 2:14 The history of functional GI disorders and the brain 6:05 The influence of brain-gut interactions on motility and sensation and the evolution of opinions 9:29 The formation of Rome and its impact on the field of functional GI disorders 13:33 Were there other frameworks that were considered at these meetings early on before Rome criteria ever evolved or came out aside from symptom-based diagnosis? 20:15 In the various iterations of Rome, what are your proudest moments? 27:06 What can gastroenterologists expect for Rome V? 31:00 The transformative nature of behavioral therapy 33:13 Has there been research on how disorders of brain-gut interaction vary by different countries and different types of upbringings and culture? 37:12 Why is it important for providers to better communicate with patients? 42:19 Are you going to alter the way you do your notes given the fact patients will have free access to everything that you write? 47:41 What advice would you give to fellows, younger faculty to have the same sort of impact and really fight for what they believe in? 48:44 What can you tell us about Rome V? 50:17 Thank so much, Dr. Drossman 51:24 Douglas A. Drossman, MD, is professor emeritus of medicine and psychiatry at University of North Carolina, and president emeritus of Rome Foundation. Disclosures: Berry, Chey and Drossman report no relevant financial disclosures. To order Drossman’s new book Gut Feelings: Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction and the Patient-Doctor Relationship A Guide for Patients and Doctors, visit https://romedross.video/GutFeelingsWebsite To learn more about the Rome Foundation, visit theromefoundation.org We’d love to hear from you! Send your comments/questions to Dr. Berry and Dr. Chey at guttalkpodcast@healio.com. Follow us on Twitter @HealioGastro @sameerkberry @umfoodoc
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