72 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

65- The AFL List, Kyrie and the Celtics, Bruins second round update

With co-host Josh Seichter. In this episode, I start off by detailing what the Absolute F#(>!$% Legends List is and how it will work. We then get into the everything around the Kyrie Irving controversy, from talking about his comments before Game 3 to a heated debate about whether or not the fan that threw the water bottle at Kyrie after Game 4 should be charged. We then talk about the series in general. To end the show we get into the Bruins second round matchup against the New York Islanders, with that series tied 1-1. Plus for Stuff on the Internet we both have stories about incredible athletes who are not even in college yet.WEBSITE:YOUTUBE:INSTAGRAM:TWITTER:
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