47 minutes | Jul 30, 2019

Episode 25: Developing Effective Leaders with Joshua Spodek

Leading with passion is not as easy as it seems, which is why aspiring leaders need coaches who can guide them on the road to efficient leadership. Joshua Spodek, a leader developer and host of the Leadership and Environment podcast, shares his method for living a passion-driven life and leading others to be great leaders. Joshua unboxes a leader’s tools of the trade and shares the distinction between leadership and management, pointing out that by knowing and having the two, you can make things happen. Discover so much more about how you can be better and effective leaders. Follow Joshua’s valuable advice in this episode. Links Josh Spodek Leadership Step by Step Initiative: A Proven Method to Bring Your Passions to Life (and Work) Leadership and the Environment Podcast Man's Search for Meaning Contact tab on Josh Spodek’s website JoshuaSpodek.com https://TheCoachingConnector.com/directory/active-experiential-coaching/ https://TheCoachingConnector.com/guiding-you-through-the-maze-disclaimer/ References Lentino, L.M. (2014). Constructive thinking how to grow beyond your mind. Sudbury, MA: Grow Beyond Your Mind. Limits of Liability / Warranty Disclaimer
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