39 minutes | Jul 23, 2019

Episode 24: What Lights You Up: Reconnecting With Your Innate Purpose with Linda Stephens-Jones

Some people they have a long history of putting the needs of others first to a point that it takes some work to begin to build a little space for themselves and for their own authentic priorities – not the should do’s but the want to do’s. Christian faith-based life coach Linda Stephens-Jones is here with us today to talk about reconnecting with your innate purpose and what lights you up that make life sweet. Linda encourages people to connect to those things that are within so they’re able to show up in their community everywhere they go with a brighter light. Links Linda Stephens-Jones Christian Coach Institute Webex www.LindaStephensJones.com Guiding You Through The Maze – Apple Podcast Taking Off Our Capes Six Steps to Self Renewal References Lentino, L.M. (2014). Constructive thinking how to grow beyond your mind. Sudbury, MA: Grow Beyond Your Mind. Limits of Liability / Warranty Disclaimer
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