39 minutes | May 21, 2019

Episode 16: Discovering Life’s Purpose Through Coaching with Hans Schumann

Being a coach is probably one of the most gratifying jobs a person may have, equipping people to bring out the best in themselves and unlocking their full potential. Hans Schumann, an international executive career and life coach, shares his journey from being a lawyer to a coach and how reflecting upon his teenage years has made him discover his life’s purpose and monetize it. Hans takes us through the ups and downs of his life, detailing the moments he burned out and realizing what serves him and what does not. Follow Hans as he relives every moment life has allowed him to enjoy the experience of feeling alive and how he helps others to do the same. Links Hans Schumann Info@HansSchumann.com Falling in Love with Your Job https://TheCoachingConnector.com/Directory/Helping-Executives-Thrive-In-A-Career-They-Love/ www.TheCoachingConnector.com https://TheCoachingConnector.com/Guiding-You-Through-The-Maze-Disclaimer References Lentino, L.M. (2014). Constructive thinking how to grow beyond your mind. Sudbury, MA: Grow Beyond Your Mind. Limits of Liability / Warranty Disclaimer
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