21 minutes | May 2nd 2016

Ep #32: Using Social Media for Research with Jennifer Berson

Jennifer Berson joins us on the Guided GoalsPodcast,and we’re going to talk about using social media forresearch. Jenis the President & Founder of Jeneration PR, aPublic Relations & SocialMedia Marketing firm specializing inpromoting beauty, baby, andlifestyle brands. Prior to foundingJeneration PR in 2005, Jenniferwas a civil litigation attorney inLos Angeles.Jen shares how she turned her passion project intohercareer, as well as ways to use social media for different typesofresearch, her thoughts on work-life balance, and more.The Guided Goals Podcast, hosted by Project CatalystDebraEckerling, gives you the tools, direction, and resources youneedto pursue your passion project.
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