69 minutes | Oct 10th 2017

GTG041 - Lessons on Entrepreneurship from Corbett Barr of Fizzle Co

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In this week's episode we get to speak with Corbett Barr, CEO and co-founder of Fizzle Co.  The team at Fizzle help people like you and me earn an independent living doing something they love.  Yup, this week we dive into entrepreneurship.  Why?  Because those who are, or were, in uniform have powerful engines, and they've seen a lot of problems that need to be solved.


Some of the highlights from today's conversation:

  • When is entrepreneurship right for you?
  • Characteristics that are a good fit for entrepreneurship.
  • The need for setting your own structure and self-discipline.
  • Mechanisms and tools that can help with maintaining structure and discipline.
  • How to work with your friends when you decide to go into business together.
  • The CEO's role and critical thoughts on leadership.
  • Why you need to get your idea out into the market with a minimal viable product.
  • Financial security, the common pitfalls of entrepreneurship, and the stress that it puts on your family.
  • Why entrepreneurship can be worth the struggle.
  • The services, tools, and community that Fizzle offers to those looking to start their own business.




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