104 minutes | Apr 3, 2021

Zags, Bags & Hot Dogs HERE. THIS IS THE SHOW

This week, the Consig wrote the lineup card, and it said THIS IS THE SHOW.  The boys threw heaters, swung for the fences, and put a little mustard on it.  It’s Dave, Carl and Neuby with the Final 4 & Baseball preview edition of the Cash Considerations Show.

Listen as the boys ran it back for “Layin or Takin” for each of the Final 4 games this weekend.  There’s Zags, Cougars and Bears, Oh My! Listen as Dave, Carl & Neuby give you their sides, totals and eventual champion.  Oral may be gone, but the hoop talk rolls on with Dave on Dogs layin points, Carl on the wrong Bruins and young guy Neuby goin Cougar hunting.

After the NCAA discussion, the trio does the Baseball preview part of the show. It’s Opening Day so there are season wins and division winner predictions.  Does Dave really think the NL Central division leading Pirates can go over 58.5? Did Hascall say the Red Sox will be .500? Will Neuby mush the Phillies? The boys give you their hometown thoughts along with the six division winners like a 6-4-3 double play.

Whether you like baseball or not, you can’t have a baseball discussion without talking about dogs. No, the Consig kids are still not getting a puppy (yet).  Not underdogs, not Bulldogs, but hot dogs HERE.

As the coordinating producer & grill guru of Cash Considerations,  Carl went all Elite Eight in the “Leave it or Eat it” segment of hot dog condiments.  Like a good pepper, it’s spicy, it’s sweet but there is no chili.  Onions make you cry, and the boys might make you shed a tear after you hear this dog dissertation.

The show went extra innings as the trio “Pulled the Goalie (NHL),”  “Played The Song (NBA)“ and “Climbed the Mountain (Mt Rushmore).” You “Heard it Through the Grapevine”, you know “What’s Goin On” So “Let’s Get It On.”

The Take a Minute segment is the Mariano Rivera of closers on the Cash Considerations show, and this week is back to back to back home runs.  Neuby honed his craft with a beer, Carl told Jaws that he hears Jimmy and Dave gave a shout out to the Pap Pap Plays & the 20/20 Club.

Sit back, listen in & laugh a little to this “Marvin Gaye tribute” episode of the Cash Considerations Final 4 & Baseball preview podcast. Share/rate/review the show.

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