98 minutes | Mar 26, 2021

THIS is the SHOW. Three guys, one ball, and a smokin hot mic for layin or takin. Dave, Carl & Neuby run it back.

This week, the Consig made calls to everybody, but everybody was busy or out talking about March Madness. The boys huddled up, ran the picket fence, and did not get caught watching the paint dry. It’s Dave, Carl and Neuby with the Sweet 16 edition of the Cash Considerations Show.

Listen as the boys went to the old school “Layin or Takin” for each of the NCAA games this weekend. As you listen for which side Dave, Carl and Neuby like in the games, there are a couple total leans, and the fellas aren’t afraid to Chuck it up. Whether it’s the Oral dunk, a Beavers sky hook, or a Bama three from deep, the boys keep shooting while Neuby keeps mushing.

After the NCAA discussion, the trio does the “Pulling the Goalie” segment, acknowledges the make up call and the dangers of a hot mic.   Did Peel get a raw deal? Did Hascall really umpire? Is it a bigger deal because gambling is legal in so many states?

The NBA trade deadline comes and goes, the Sixers beat the Lakers (PLAY THE SONG) and it’s over quick. As the coordinating producer/social media manager, Carl took a couple questions from listeners and did our first CC Q & A. Dave wraps the segment telling you all about the  books he visited & who he ran into at each one (No one is spared). 

The Take a Minute segment is everyone’s One Shining Moment on the Cash Considerations show, and what would March Madness be without that? Carl went for the Gold, Neuby couldn’t help but make a Peep, and Dave recognized the “Bucket Boys” before he gave Brother Doug the Final Bell.

Sit back, listen in & laugh a little to this episode of the Cash Considerations March Madness Sweet 16 podcast. Share/rate/review the show.

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