122 minutes | May 14, 2021

Plugging leaks, a high crossover dribble & a tap out in a corner..THIS IS THE SHOW

This week, the Consig made a call to Queens and got a King to shoot around with the boys.  THIS IS THE SHOW.  Kevin Walsh Jr (@TheKevinWalsh), a co-host of the Early Line & In-Play Live on SportsGrid & SiriusXM204, joins Dave, Carl and Neuby with the mid May edition of the Cash Considerations Show.Listen as Kevin tells the boys how he went from Queens, NY high school football &basketball player to the SportsGrid studios.   After college at Iona, Kevin went from producing shows to hosting them like a guy coming off the top rope. Kev does his research, backs his Yankees as well as Lebron, and gives us a peek into “Pizza Friday” at the Walsh house with all the toppings, even the “works.”The Kevin Walsh sticks around with the boys to talk sports, gambling and life. First stop is the NFL schedule. All the games are set.  Kev is an Eagles fan with hope while Neuby explains his plans as a season ticket holder. Carl is still keeping his New England future, but he is definitely not going to the Tampa game at Foxboro in Week Four. Dave used his oddsmaking experience to explain how to make numbers for the games. “Nobody knows shit“ as the football talk in May approaches the red zone.Only one week left in the NBA season means a couple yes/no plays to win it all. Kev takes it to the hole with the Lakers, while Dave reminds everybody who the #1 seed in the East is with a song. Carl is still #AnybodyButTheNets but even he catches the Sixers excitement from Neuby. Should LeBron shave his head? Who is going to win the West? It’s not one, not two, not three, but the boys rain in from three on the NBA.The Stanley Cup playoffs begin this week, and the “Pulling the Goalie” segment turns into “Layin or Takin” with series picks. It didn’t take Kevin long to figure out the game while Carl and Dave avoided the Bruins-Pens matchup in round one. Noobs didn’t have the right city and could have been assessed a bench minor. Picks were made, shots were taken from the point, yet no penalties were called. Cue up “Enter Sandman” when the boys turn to baseball. Kevin knows the Yankees, Carl knows the Red Sox, so Dave delivered one up and in. What is the number head to head between Boston & New York? You will be surprised by who says what, but the boys snap off a curveball or two. Neuby is charting pitches in his notebook while Kevin is throwin’ heat (not that Heat). Carl will not say the Sox are good. Dave went to the mound & made the change before the benches emptied. Lastly, the coordinating producer/social media manager/co host Carl H-A-S-C-A-L-L went best & worst with the “Carl’s Corner” segment of the show. Tell us your personal best & worst sports performances. Dave had one good hit, one bad hit & a hole in one, Neuby took one to the house for Mom & later got knocked out, Kev had a loud “and one” on the court but got “Austin Tapps” out on the field once and Carl’s 16 point “One Shining Moment” & one shift “Miracle on Ice” brought the house down with him.As it always does, The Take a Minute segment closed up shop on the Cash Considerations show. Noobs had enough with the leaks, Carl went Goo Goo on everybody in rapid fire, Kev hit the mark like a pro, and Dave celebrated Senior Day with Big Consig and reminded everybody that it’s more than the games that we remember with sports.Sit back, listen in & laugh a bunch to this marathon, mid May episode of the Cash Considerations podcast. Share/rate/review the show for a chance at $100 free bet.Follow the show @CashConsidShowFollow Dave @SportsBkConsigFollow Carl @CarlHascallFollow Neuby @NeubyTalksFollow Kevin @TheKevinWalshEmail us at CashConsidShow@gmail.com
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