108 minutes | Jun 4, 2021

Frankie Whispers, Neuby Talks, Carl Pranks & Consig Listens..THIS IS THE SHOW

This week, the Consig made a call to the neighborhood & got a guy to to speak softly with the boys.  THIS IS THE SHOW.  Frankie Whispers, the senior gambling and fantasy insider at Sports Illustrated, joins Dave, Carl and Neuby with the Belmont edition of the Cash Considerations Show.Listen as Frankie tells the boys how he went from Brooklyn, NY to Las Vegas sportsbooks. After college at Villanova,  Frankie avoided law school and went to work for a soccer team front office.  A few corner kicks later,Whispers made the trek to Las Vegas and started making moves. Combining fantasy expertise with sports book savvy, Frankie used his New York street smarts to land a gig with the iconic Sports Illustrated brand. With connections that run deep, Frankie has info and shares the knowledge with all of us, including the Belmont breakdown. Frankie is not a horse whisperer, but you get a tri from a guy who hit both the Derby and the Preakness loud and clear in the interview. Pat’s wins, no wiz and he is all in on the thing #AnybodyButTheNets.Whispers sticks around with the boys to talk sports, gambling and life. First stop is the NBA. The Nuggets & Jazz are in, while the LA teams trail in their series. Before the end of the show, the Lakers are eliminated. Will the Clippers beat the Mavs? Frankie and the boys give you their pick. The Nets face the Bucks in the East, but Neuby has to be consoled about Jo Jo Embid’s knee injury for his Sixers. Dave knows what to do to help and the boys PLAY THE SONG. With everyone feeling better, the boys go from the court to the ice.The Stanley Cup playoffs are the best playoffs, and the “Pulling the Goalie” segment does not disappoint. Dave looked at each series, and Carl and Frankie each took a shift. Boston keeps winning, Marchand keeps scoring and Carl had Neuby play a different song. The hit in Montreal is discussed before the boys touch up and ice this segment.The baseball talk, newly dubbed “Good morning , Good afternoon, Good night,” is all heat. Frankie nails the first pitch right out of the park when Dave asks the boys about the NL West. Neuby is all about the lax, but gives you what he has. The NL East is next, and Frankie makes a case to add another song to the board. The Mets? The Braves? Lastly, it gets all heated when the boys discuss the AL East. A couple brush back pitches are thrown between Boston Carl and NY Frankie, but it’s just “sports hate” and fun talk. Names get brought up like Pettitte & Pedro, but like any baseball brawl, no punches are thrown, and the show goes on.Lastly, the coordinating producer/social media manager/co host Carl H-A-S-C-A-L-L went with a graduation question on the “Carl’s Corner” segment of the show. Tell us your personal, best, pranks you pulled or had done to you. Dave had a few from Penn State days, Neuby had one from high school, Frankie pleaded the fifth rather than incriminate himself, and Carl put shit in an office and then followed orders and left nothing in the office. All jokes aside, Carl nailed the read and kept the show moving.As it always does, The Take a Minute segment closed the show on Cash Considerations. Carl splash dunked people instead of hating, Neuby spoke with passion about without being a jagoff, and Dave had a Dad moment but kept his shit together talking about Big Consig graduating from high school.Sit back, listen in & laugh a bunch to this Belmont Stakes, June episode of the Cash Considerations podcast. Share/rate/review the show for a chance at $100 free bet.Follow the show @CashConsidShowFollow Dave @SportsBkConsigFollow Carl @CarlHascallFollow Neuby @NeubyTalksFollow Frankie @Frankie_FantasyEmail us at CashConsidShow@gmail.com
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