97 minutes | Jul 29, 2021

Deep dish pizza, White Sox recollections & a Vegas story with a twist from Rongey with a “Y”..THIS IS THE SHOW

This week, the Consig made a call to the Midwest, and a guy with Chicago ties answered.  THIS IS THE SHOW.  Chris Rongey (@ChrisRongey), Chicago radio personality, part time Audacy host, joins Dave, Carl & Neuby with the July trade deadline Olympic edition of the Cash Considerations Show. Listen as Chris tells the boys his story from growing up in the Missouri to doing the pregame & postgame show for the Chicago White Sox.  After an injury shortened high school baseball career and a brief run at tennis, Rongey got to Chicago just in time to witness a playoff baseball game.  The story of the last weekend and game 163 will take you right into the ballpark. Chris was sick to his stomach with anticipation that day, but it wasn’t the same thing that caused a rumble on his most memorable trip to Vegas. His friends didn’t know what time it was but they got a wake up call of their own. A lifelong Bears fan, he reminded everybody about the Super Bowl Shuffle win over Carl’s Patriots, and then he dished out the truth about deep dish pizza snobs in Chicago. Lastly, people called him an idiot back in the day, but Chris got “your a idiot“ last laugh on everybody. Not a writer, no longer a waiter, but a gentleman and a good son in every sense of the word, Chris brought his A game.Sports wise this week, the boys went to the NBA first because, well, it’s finally over. Bucks in six beat Suns in four, and Giannis was MVP. Neuby had the Bucks, CH became a Giannis fan with Dave, but how can the Nets be 2/1 to win the title next year? It takes Giannis longer to shoot a free throw than it does for the boys to move on to baseball.Dave forgot to say bon dia, bon tarde, bon noche but the baseball segment is nothing but heaters. Who wins the AL East? Did the Yankees really get Joey Gallo? Did you say Joey Callo with a C? Our guy CH breaks it down pretty easily, and Neuby hit it out of the park without even looking at the pitch. The National League East comes down to the Mets, Braves and Phillies, and the boys are split on who wins it. Trade deadline is coming up and all three of the guys think there are moves coming. Next stop is the medal stand. The Olympics are on but is anybody watching it? Real question, is anybody betting it? Neuby makes a big splash in the pool, as Dave and Carl sound off about the challenges of the time change in Japan. It’s a gold medal performance in record time to get to the best corner in sports gambling.Lastly, the coordinating producer/social media manager/co host Carl H-A-S-C-A-L-L had two questions on “Carl’s Corner” segment of the show. If you were to compete in an Olympic sport that wasn’t a real sport, what would it be? Then, the follow up was what would be your actual Olympic sport. The answers will both surprise and make you laugh. Catching shit, drinking shit or taking a shit, there is no ribbon for Neuby and sadly no ace for Carl. Ping ponging back and forth, they end the point with a smash. As it always does, The Take a Minute segment closed the show on Cash Considerations. Neuby told everybody to look to the middle and be quiet, CH missed an ace by inches in a round of golf with his friends, and Dave paid tribute to Mama Donna and Big Consig turning 18 in the circle of life.Sit back, listen in & laugh a bunch to this trade deadline, Olympic July episode of the Cash Considerations podcast. Follow the show @CashConsidShowFollow Dave @SportsBkConsigFollow Carl @CarlHascallFollow Neuby @NeubyTalksFollow Chris @ChrisRongeyEmail us at CashConsidShow@gmail.com
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