95 minutes | Jun 19, 2021

Dads, Daughters, Doubles & Bombs, Bruh..THIS IS THE SHOW..Dave, Carl and Neuby get the band together in Philly and welcome the Consig kids for Father’s Day

This week, the Consig made an executive decision & had a sit down with the boys.  THIS IS THE SHOW.  More family business and now the kids get involved. Dave, Carl and Neuby get the band together with the “Fathers Day” edition of the Cash Considerations Show.Everyone has a favorite uncle. In their first CC sit down IN PERSON meeting, Carl and Neuby welcome the Consig kids to the show, and before you know it, they are now known as everyone’s “favorite” uncles. Big Consig and Middle Consig answer the tough questions and ask a few of their own. It’s not just doubles and bombs, bruh. But the socials are all there, even the ‘Gram and the Snap thing, and they got you on the follow back. Questions, answers and stories do not disappoint.Sports wise this week, the boys went to the NBA first. The Sixers were toast, down 3-2 to the Hawks, then they played the song. Neuby mushed the Hawks and now it’s game 7. What’s the line and what’s the play? Carl knows, and he asks Dave. As far as Clippers-Suns, they all have an idea and fire up  some 3s. And as always, everybody is rooting for #AnybodyButTheNets.The “Pulling the Goalie” playoff edition is all business. Dave & CH run the power play as the Cup run continues with four teams. The Knights are down 2 games to one. Tampa is up 3 games to one. Nobody knows shit. It’s quick, it’s fast and it’s a full line change to baseball. Bon dia, bon tardi, bon noche. Back to the dugout to find the mailbag.Lastly, the coordinating producer/social media manager/co host Carl H-A-S-C-A-L-L went to the listeners for questions on the “Carl’s Corner” segment of the show. There’s questions, there’s answers and there are laughs. Kylie and Kelsey, the Consig kids, provide a live audience, a laugh track and a few zingers of their own. As it always does, The Take a Minute segment closed the show on Cash Considerations. Neuby leads off the love fest, CH talks about taking the show on the road, and Dave reminds everybody that the show is about sports gambling, family and life. Sit back, listen in & laugh a bunch to this Father’s Day June episode of the Cash Considerations podcast. Share/rate/review the show for a chance at $100 free bet.Follow the show @CashConsidShowFollow Dave @SportsBkConsigFollow Carl @CarlHascallFollow Neuby @NeubyTalksEmail us at CashConsidShow@gmail.com
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