116 minutes | Apr 23, 2020

The Bud Bowl

This Week on Home Improvement… When Bud (Charlie Robinson) invites Tim (Tim Allen) and Jill (Patricia Richardson) to go bowling with him and his wife, Tim is thrilled at the opportunity to curry favor with the boss. He convinces Jill to skip a psychology lecture to join them, and when he learns that Bud is a sore loser, he convinces Jill to throw the game so Bud can win. Afterwards, Jill is angry that Tim expects her to sacrifice everything for his career – but when Tim learns that Bud isn’t actually as sore of a loser as he thinks, he makes for all of his boorish behavior by buying Jill some flowers and saying I’m sorry one time. This week on Grunt Work: Nights… Landen and Truman return to the well-worn ground of “stuff relating to movies and TV” for this discussion of their least favorite movie and TV tropes. They’ve got a bone to pick with everything from shoddy phone etiquette to abandoned meals to, in Truman’s case, the entirity of the recent Alison Janney vehicle “Troop Zero.” Are your gears ground by recurring cliches on the big or small screen? Let us know, because we’re finicky about this stuff and most likely will agree with you! Gain access to our Grunt Work: Nights episodes for as little as $1/mo. over on our Patreon! Follow Us on Social Media: Twitter | Instagram
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