40 minutes | Sep 3, 2021

Payne - An Indexer (Stake Squid) at The Graph

Today I’m speaking with Payne, an Indexer at The Graph. Anyone who has ever visited The Graph Discord has already met Payne – he’s a very active voice and contributor within The Graph Community. In addition to his Indexer operations, Stake Squid, Payne has been instrumental at both The Graph Foundation and Edge & Node in various roles, including QA and Indexer relations.  I’ve had the fortune of having Payne on the podcast before, as a panelist on the Subgraph Migration panel (Ep. 12) and the Curation Launch panel (Ep. 18), but this is the first time I get to speak with Payne one-on-one and ask about his background and vision for The Graph. My conversation with Payne covers a lot of topics, including not only his ideas on keeping stake decentralized, but the mechanisms by which he thinks it could be achieved.  We also talk about Curation, his experience with the new Core Dev teams (StreamingFast and Figment), and so much more. Show NotesThe GRTiQ Podcast takes listeners inside The Graph (GRT) by interviewing members of The Graph's community and ecosystem.  Please help support this project and build the community by subscribing and leaving a review.Twitter: GRT_iQwww.GRTiQ.com
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