49 minutes | Aug 20, 2021

Oliver Zerhusen - Ecosystem Manager at The Graph

Today I’m speaking with Oliver Zerhusen, an Ecosystem Manager at The Graph. Oliver has been an active participant in The Graph community for a long time, but since he has joined The Graph Foundation, his contributions have become even more visible and substantial, whether it’s leading community calls or initiatives.My conversation with Oliver spans his entry into The Graph community, his professional background as an executive outside the crypto space, his role at the Graph Foundation, and his popular and highly discussed post in The Graph Forum on the topic of keeping stake decentralized.Show NotesThe GRTiQ Podcast takes listeners inside The Graph (GRT) by interviewing members of The Graph's community and ecosystem.  Please help support this project and build the community by subscribing and leaving a review.Twitter: GRT_iQwww.GRTiQ.com
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