13 minutes | Sep 4, 2017

GRRL Interlude 005: Goodbye Polish, hello to you????, Felicia Williams, No Vacations, & podcast updates

Hey folks! Thanks for your patience waiting for new interviews. For now, here’s a mini-episode (“Interlude”) with some podcast updates and some rad poetry and music. Listen Here http://traffic.libsyn.com/grrlongrrl/I005-3.mp3 Download Interlude 005 from Libsyn. [~13mins; 13MB] Show Notes New theme song? Do you want your song to be the intro/outro music of Grrl on Grrl Podcast for the next year? I’m retiring Polish’s “Drive” and am looking for a new song. Shoot me an email at grrlongrrlpodcast@gmail.com! Podcast/hiatus update I have 4 interviews I had done for the end of “year 2” but I’m just moving that over to the beginning of year 3 (aka season 3). I’m getting those all done before releasing them, so there’s a bit more of a wait! New logo coming soon! Which means stickers, buttons, and maybe tote bags? What do you guys think? What about shirts? Between all you listeners and Cinema Spartan readers, we raised nearly $250 for Planned Parenthood, and got to giveaway a huge amount of merch from 20+ bands from around the country. THANK YOU ALL for participating. The Fresh Brunettes, Polish, and Slum Summer played my benefit show in mid-June where we raised $540 for Punk Talks. Yay mental health! Felicia Williams Her poem “How Many Bodies”, written after yet another shooting of an unarmed black man, music composed by Asher Mendel. You can find her recent work at Madwomanetc. Madwomanetc. store – pins and issue 0 available here; message them for issue 1 and stickers! (I have a poem in issue 1.) On Twitter On Instagram Songs featured Polish – “She Said” from their new album Inside Jokes, available on Bandcamp No Vacation – “Yam Yam”: you can find this and their other recent single “Mind Fields” at the No Vacation Bandcamp page or at Topshelf Records. Thanks as always to Glenn Greggs of Wait Think Fast Productions, and to Felicia Williams, No Vacation, and Polish.
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