22 minutes | Feb 4th 2021

How Neuroscience Can Empower Marketing with Louisa Dunbar

Guest Speaker: Louisa DunbarLouisa is the founder of a web design agency called OrangeGrove. She has been involved in the webby world ever since leaving university! Design and psychology are her biggest passions! She is figuring out what makes people tick (and click) and do the things they do. I have been following her on LinkedIn and everything she shares is truly valuable.In this episode, we have an AMAZING talk about neuroscience and how it can influence marketing. We discussed the following topics: 1. What is neuromarketing, 2. Basic principles of neuromarketing that someone can apply to retain existing customers, as well as to acquire new ones, 3.  How easy it is to use neuromarketing, 4. What skills someone should have to use neuromarketing theories, 5.  How neuroscience, fits into the different stages of the marketing funnel, 6. Trends & innovations in neuromarketing, 7. How easy it is to be ethical in digital marketing and most specifically in neuromarketing. You can find Louisa via email at louisa@orangegrovedesigns.co.ukWebsites:orangegrovedesigns.co.uk/ orangegrovelabs.co.uk/  
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