26 minutes | Oct 23rd 2020

Build Your Business: Branding Alignment

Alignment is a beautiful thing. It’s great when everything you put energy into works together. The best brands have products and services that compliment each other. Apple sells phones, computers and everything in-between because they all work together. Today’s episode will be all about the ways you can make your brand work together. Set up a brand pillar Get clear message and beliefs Lineup the products Think about business alignment as a way for someone to buy each and every product you have available. This means the same person buying your book should be able to buy your course and join the membership. Everything works together! Get the free podcasters book bundle: https://podcastingisbranding.guru/podcastlikethepros Find Coach Chris online: http://www.Twitter.com/TheCoachChris_ http://www.Instagram.com/TheCoachChris_
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