23 minutes | Dec 11th 2020

Book Review: Blue Ocean Strategy

Get access to the Podcast to Profit Training: https://podcastingisbranding.guru/podcasttoprofit   Every entrepreneur should want to create their own market. This is the only way you can guarantee yourself to grow and scale. It’s impossible to reach the next level if you’re always fighting off competition. That’s why the Blue Ocean Strategy is so great. This book explains exactly how you can remove yourself from the competition and create your own market.   In this episode, we’re doing a very of the Blue Ocean Strategy and some of its key elements. This includes
  • The cornerstone of the Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Key elements of a solid strategy to get results
  • A step by step process to reconstruct market boundaries.
  If you’ve been struggling for relevance in your market, the best way to level up is with this book!   Hosting a podcast should make money. I want to help you get things going. Get access to the free Podcast to Profit Training here: https://podcastingisbranding.guru/podcasttoprofit   Find Coach Chris online: www.Instagram.com/TheCoachChris_ www.Twitter.com/TheCoachChris_
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