59 minutes | Nov 3rd 2020

58. Taoist Monk Shares How to Increase Your Focus & Make Better Decisions | Dr. Pedram Shojai

Dr. Pedram Shojai is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, bestselling author of The Urban Monk and The Art of Slowing Down Time, and founder of Well.org. Before finding the public spotlight, Dr. Pedram was a taoist monk for four years from the age of 18, and a Qi Gong master who's studied Tai chi and Kung fu for decades.

Beyond the meditation session we do at the end of the episode (make sure you're doing it with us!), we also discuss:

  • How Dr. Pedram got into taoism and what drove him to pursue the life of a monk for four years
  • What are the core lessons he learned from being trained as a monk
  • The practices and habits he still applies 
  • Core differences between taoism and buddhism
  • Things we can do today to slow down time and reduce our stress levels
  • How we can make smarter decisions (and when is the best time of the day to make your BIG decisions)
  • & much more

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Learn more about Dr. Pedram:

  • Website - https://www.theurbanmonk.com/
  • Well.org
  • Instagram -  https://www.instagram.com/official_urbanmonk/
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