51 minutes | Oct 20th 2020

56. How to Think 10X Bigger | Sergey Young

Sergey Young is the founder of the Longevity Vision Fund, a $100m fund that invests in companies working on longevity technologies to help people live longer. He's also an innovation board member of XPrize, and the author of The Science and Technology of Growing Young. 

His goal? To have a meaningful impact of the lives of 1 billion people to help them live a happy and healthy 100 years.

Given how few people are willing to take the leap in the world of longevity in a meaningful way, I was fascinated to learn about the mindset behind Sergey and his story.

In our conversation, we went over:

  • Why there is a lack of funding and resources backing technologies and sciences in longevity
  • Mental frameworks that have helped Sergey make better decisions as an investor
  • What holds people back from thinking bigger and taking moonshots in life
  • The importance of having 'blank time slots' to do nothing but think to get some of your best ideas
  • Latest developments in longevity science and technology (and exciting changes to coming in the near future)
  • Questions to ask to help you think 10x bigger (and shift your perspectives)
  • What big thinkers like Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, Larry Page (CEO of Google) all have in common
  • & more

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