58 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

55. Active Volcano Walker Shares How to Conquer Your Fears | Nik Wallenda

Nik Wallenda, who's part of the legendary Flying Wallendas family, has walked over ropes across some of the craziest places you can imagine, such as the Niagra Falls, Time Square, and most recently, an active volcano in Nicaragua - all without a safety net. He has broken 11 Guiness World Records for various acrobatic feats, and is on his way to break more.

However, his journey has not been easy. Events like 2017, where a horrific accident has led his sister to fall during rehearsals led to breaking nearly every bone on her face. Several members of the Wallenda family have also fell and died, as the stunts happen without any safety net.

In our conversation, Nik shares:

  • How he's been able to overcome his fears knowing he could die at any moment
  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy fear (and why NOT feeling fear is dangerous)
  • What his self-talk sounds like while he's on the tightrope (on top of an active volcano)
  • How he prepares (or rather over-prepares) for every single event 
  • What Karl Wallenda, his great grand-father (and founder of the Wallenda family) taught them
  • How he continues to improve himself when he's the #1 in his industry
  • & more

Check out Nik's book 'Facing Fear': https://amzn.to/3dABW2l

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