40 minutes | Aug 6th 2020

5 Customer Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Grow Your Business with Tara Robertson (GMT102)

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Marketing can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain - we are always pushing and finding new ways to scale our business. To get to the top of the mountain, however, we have to be ruthless in our process while always learning and testing. In this episode, Tara Robertson, the Head of Customer Marketing at Sprout Social, shares five customer marketing strategies guaranteed to grow your business. 

In episode 102, you'll learn:
  1. What is customer marketing and what does it look like at Sprout Social?
  2. What are the KPIs for Sprout Social's customer marketing team?
  3. What are some unscalable things they've done to reduce churn?

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Key Discussion Points
  • [02:55] Tara's journey to becoming Head of Customer Marketing at Sprout Social
  • [06:52] What is customer marketing and where does Tara see it going in the future?
  • [09:57] What is the benefit of doing customer research?
  • [12:27] What is a customer journey map and how is it useful for customer marketing?
  • [16:07] What does the customer marketing team look like at Sprout Social?
  • [19:26] What are the success KPIs for Sprout Social's customer marketing team?
  • [23:09] How does segmentation fit into customer marketing?
  • [27:11] What are unscalable things that Sprout Social's customer marketing team doing to make their customers feel special?
  • [33:25] Tara's one piece of advice to customer marketing teams

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