8 minutes | Jan 21, 2021

Mini Episode: How an Info Site Went Zero to 100,000 in 6 Months

It’s hard to start a website from scratch. And one of our clients wanted to break 100,000 monthly visitors as soon as possible. In this 7-minute audio case study, “How a Gig Economy Website Hit 100,000 Monthly Visitors in 6 Months,” Amanda Natividad, Head of Marketing for Growth Machine, breaks down how. If you want to learn even more about this informational site case study, be sure to check out our interview episode with Growth Machine CEO Nora Schlesinger.  Show Notes: 1:05 - We focused on SEO optimization from day one 2:09 - We planned and created a ton of content prior to launch 3:35 - “Scorching the earth” paid off 4:52 - We co-created milestones of success 5:50 - It wasn’t “set it and forget it” 6:28 - Outcomes and next steps Links: How a Gig Economy Website Hit 100,000 Monthly Visitors in 6 Months Our podcast episode on this case study (1:01) The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Your Blog Up for SEO Success (2:06) How to Find Great Target Keywords for Your Content (4:48) Check out our free 7-part series (7:22) Contact Growth Machine (7:31) Find us on Twitter: Amanda: @amandanat Growth Machine: @growthmachine__
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