9 minutes | Feb 18, 2021

Mini Episode: Here’s What You Might Need Instead of a Niche…

In content marketing, you’re often told to find your niche — to carve a path through unchartered territory with a narrowly defined audience.  But what if instead, you zeroed in on your key differentiator? And THAT was your competitive edge? In this 9-minute audio version of our blog post, “Don’t Find Your Niche — Find Your Key Differentiator,” Amanda Natividad, Head of Marketing for Growth Machine, dives deeper into this strategy. Show Notes: 1:01 - What’s Your Key Differentiator?  5:20 - How To Find Your Key Differentiator: Defining Your Competitive Edge  8:38 - Your Key Differentiator Helps You Stand Out  Links: Original post: Don’t Find Your Niche — Find Your Key Differentiator Steph Smith (0:14) Trends (0:20) The Hustle (0:20) #15 How Steph Smith Made $40K+ from Her Ebook in 1 Month (0:31) Zappos (1:16) Chartr (1:19) Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right (2:29) How We Run Growth Machine (3:58) How We Hire Great Writers at Growth Machine (4:01) Steph's Goals (7:21) How To Be Great (8:00) How a Gig Economy Website Hit 100,000 Monthly Visitors in 6 Months (8:19) Contact Growth Machine (9:20) Find us on Twitter: Amanda: @amandanat Growth Machine: @growthmachine__
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