9 minutes | Feb 11, 2021

Mini Episode: Build a Community (Not an Audience)

When you build a community, you create a space where real people discover answers to real problems. In this 9-minute audio version of our blog post, “How to Build a Community Online,” Amanda Natividad, Head of Marketing for Growth Machine, explains how to build an online community and question of how to monetize it. Show Notes: 0:56 - What Is an Online Community?  2:53 - How To Build an Online Community  6:51 - Can You Monetize an Online Community? 7:46 - Building an Online Community Starts With Authentic Conversations Links: Tim Stoddart (0:26) Copyblogger (0:34) Sober Nation (0:35) How to Succeed at SEO Without Tools (3:42) The Tim Stodz Podcast (5:06) #12 Tim Stoddart: The Key to Success is Being Specific (8:32) #23 How Content and Community Empower Each Other (8:40) Contact Growth Machine (8:54) Find us on Twitter: Amanda Natividad: @amandanat Growth Machine: @growthmachine__
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